About the Peer Leader Action Group


The Peer Leader Action Group (PLAG) is a grassroots effort that brings together multiple programs and centers who employ student-to-student learners. PLAG offers a space for the directors of these programs and centers to work toward communal goals and discuss issues and opportunities with similarly designed units. The group generally meets twice a semester. 

Membership Guidelines

To be a member of PLAG, your program or center must have the following:

  • An identified point-person responsible for mentoring, supervising, and training peer leaders
  • Peer leaders who work directly with other students in a supportive role
  • Initial and on-going training and professional development for peer leaders including but not limited to PLAG’s Peer Leader Canvas training. 

Membership Expectations

Members of PLAG adhere to community expectations to keep our work together productive and our environment welcoming to all members.

  • A representative from each program or center should attend all scheduled meetings, usually two a semester. If a representative cannot attend, the PLAG coordinator should be alerted and alternative arrangements made. 
  • All members contribute to PLAG projects and discussions either in large-group meetings or through sub-committees.
  • All members maintain confidentiality. PLAG is committed to maintaining a respectful, inclusive, and supportive group environment.
  • All members commit to learning about the other programs in the group and to supporting all peer leader programs on campus.  
  • Group members do not share communal or individual program or center resources outside the group without permission from PLAG or the program or center. This includes not adding anyone beside peer leaders to the Peer Leader Canvas training site without permission.
  • Each program or center maintains sole responsibility for their peer leaders in the online Peer Leader Canvas training site. This includes: enrolling peer leaders, checking for completion, and removing inactive peer leaders. All group members share responsibility on a rotational basis for maintaining and updating the Canvas training site.

Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of PLAG, please complete this Google form. The PLAG coordinator will follow-up with you.