Peer Leader Programs and Centers

The following programs and centers support student-to-student learning at UNC Charlotte and participate in the Peer Leader Action Group. Click below to find the type of peer leader programs that interest you or browse them all! 

  • Academic Support: Content-, skill-, or course-specific support
  • Advising: Peer-to-peer advice on course selection, university policies, and departmental expectations
  • Mentorship: Individualized support and meaningful relationships for specific student populations
  • Development: Facilitation of workshops, consultations, and activities on selected topics 

Academic Support 

Communication Across the Curriculum

Communication consultants support the development of students’ communication competencies (written, oral, visual, professional) by consulting with peers one-on-one or in small groups, providing high quality feedback on communication assignments, and facilitating in-class communication activities. Consultants are assigned to a specific class and work directly with the students and faculty members throughout the semester. 

Peer Assisted Learning 

UCAE Peer Assisted Learning Leaders work for two separate but related programs: Embedded Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction. Both programs utilize peer leadership and group study to increase student success in historically challenging courses. Supplemental Instruction achieves this objective by providing support for all sections of a course through peer led external group study sessions that are tailored to the cadence of the semester. Embedded Tutoring adds faculty partnership and active learning facilitation to this model for a more comprehensive course support experience. 

Preceptor Program

Preceptors provide academic and transitional support to students in primarily introductory-level courses. Preceptors assist faculty partners with classroom management and help to implement active learning strategies. They also support students by conducting one-on-one meetings, offering small group study and review sessions, modeling behavior that leads to strong academic performance, and serving as a bridge between students and faculty. Preceptors and faculty work together in individual sections of courses.   

Tutorial Services 

UCAE Peer Tutors promote student engagement by offering their expertise in course-specific academic support through appointment and drop-in tutoring. They are academic leaders in their disciplines who serve undergraduate students based on their needs and goals.

Writing Resources Center (WRC)

The WRC tutors are graduate and undergraduate students from across the disciplines who provide excellent one-on-one writing instruction to students, faculty and staff from all disciplines and backgrounds. They receive training on disciplinary writing across campus, including writing in STEM fields, the differences between graduate and undergraduate writing, and techniques to work with English Language Learners. Their goal is not to fix papers, but to develop better writers. 


Belk College of Business Peer Advisor 

Belk College of Business Peer Advisors support undergraduate Pre-Business Administration, Pre-Accounting, and Pre-Economics students by offering supplemental academic advising; helping all pre-major students understand the major declaration requirements and process; clarifying their academic and career goals; providing mentoring to students classified as at-risk by the university; and assisting students in their transition by helping them discover and connect to involvement opportunities both inside and outside the Belk College of Business. Peer Advisors are declared, Belk College of Business students who work to support undergraduate students as they progress through the pre-major curriculum.

Health Systems Management Peer Advising

Health Systems Management Peer Advisors support students’ timely and successful progress through the major by providing peer-to-peer advising. Peer Advisors educate and empower students by providing information on program curriculum and university policies and by connecting them to campus resources. 

PAL - Peer Advising Leader

PALs are program graduates that assist first-year, first-time students with navigating the institutions' systems of organization and with networking among peers as well as expounding on concepts of leadership via role modeling, interactive activities, and one-on-one conversations with mentees. 


Education Learning Community Peer Mentor

Education Learning Community (ELC) Peer Mentors provide support to first-year students who are pre-education majors, secondary education minors, or foreign language education minors. Mentors help students with the transition to college, acclimation to UNC Charlotte, understanding of requirements for major/minor declaration, and building a sense of community through group and individual activities. ELC Mentors are former ELC students who have successfully completed the program, are admitted to the appropriate education program or making appropriate strides to do so, and have demonstrated leadership qualities and a willingness to uphold this year-long commitment.

Math and Science First Learning Community Peer Mentor
Math and Science First Learning Community Peer Mentors provide support and guidance to first-year math and science majors who are part of the learning community (LC). The mentor will help the students transition to UNCC, provide guidance for success in introductory science courses, and help build a sense of community among the LC. The peer mentor will attend the UCOL 1200 course associated with the LC and meet with students regularly outside of class to accomplish these goals. The peer mentor is a science or math major themselves, who has demonstrated leadership, strong work ethic, and a willingness to connect with and mentor others.

The Univeristy Transfer Center's Mentors Improving Niners through Engagement & Resources (MINERs) support the academic and transitional success of new transfer students by providing access to a network of peers and staff who can help them navigate academic, social, and professional engagement at UNC Charlotte. MINERs and staff work together with transfer students during their first semesters to ease transfer shock and their academic transitions to campus.


SAFE (Student Advising for Academic Excellence) Counselors assist with easing the transition from high school to college and help minimize academic, social, and economic challenges by encouraging students to actively utilize UNC Charlotte support services, peer to peer support, and secondary academic advising. Their goal is to help students successfully matriculate through their first year at UNC Charlotte. 

SOS Peer Mentoring 

UCAE's Students Obtaining Success (SOS) Peer Mentors support, empower, and enrich the educational experience of academically at-risk students through individualized mentoring relationships. Peer Mentors work to instill self-confidence, accountability, resiliency, and autonomy in their mentees and prepare them to independently manage their academic, career, and personal goal setting.


OADI's University Transition Opportunities Program (UTOP) Mentors ease the transition of incoming freshmen by helping them find an adequate balance in personal relationships, build social skills, and develop positive academic habits. UTOP Mentors foster a sense of community among participants in classes, the residence hall, and co-curricular activities, and they work cooperatively with other mentors, UTOP Student Coordinators, and professional staff to provide social and educational activities.


Belk College of Business Peer Guides

Belk College of Business Peer Guides assist the Professional Development Team in supporting undergraduate business students within the Niblock Student Center. Peer Guides attend all professional development programming, host Peer Talks to connect with students in small groups, and mentor students individually. Peer Guides add a student perspective to professional development by sharing their experiences, connecting students to career resources, and seeking ongoing student feedback.

Diversity and Inclusion UPIP Interns 

OADI's Diversity and Inclusion UPIP Interns utilize interactive activities, workshops, and conversation circles to engage their peers in meaningful dialogue around diversity, inclusion, and social justice concepts. These interns serve as diversity educators on campus, primarily in seminar courses, for student organizations, and in residence hall settings. They also provide support for the campus community by attending functions (i.e. receptions, student panels, assisting groups on campus) as requested.


The Leadership Education And Development team is a group of student trainers who facilitate workshops on a variety of leadership topics. LEAD team members provide workshops for the PILOT program, and are also able to present workshops for classes, clubs, and student organizations on campus. 

Peer Professional Program

The University Career Center's Peer Professionals offer quality professional development services to students and alumni of UNC Charlotte by providing assistance with resume and cover letter building, LinkedIn branding, interview tips, and much more. Peer Pros utilize innovative strategies, develop practical resources and share insight with students and alumni to connect them with opportunities as they prepare for their career journey.